Goil Foil Invitations

In honor of my impending twenty-tenth birthday, I'm planning a party to say goodbye to my roaring 20's. I enjoyed embossing our wedding invitations and wanted to take on a new DIY challenge for the birthday invites. Thanks to Jennifer McGuire Ink's tutorial and supply list, I was able to produce gold foil invitations. So sparkly, and so Gatsby!

I had originally planned to transfer the gold foil to a dark "fig" cardstock, however after a couple test runs I found the gold did not completely cover the toner. Note Jessica Jones of How About Orange found coated cardstock yields good results while uncoated cardstock does not. Since I was on a mission to complete production last Saturday morning, I decided to print the invitations on white. The invitations are still legible even in areas where the gold may not have transferred or flake. I still used my fig cardstock as a backing to the invitations for extra detail and thick feel. I'm very pleased with the results.